Dancing is the loftiest, the most moving, the most beautiful of the arts, because it is not mere translation or abstraction from life; it is life itself. – Havelock Ellis

Q–WHY SHOULD I INCLUDE BALLET IN MY CHILD’S DANCE PROGRAM? All dance forms have ballet technique at their base. Students with strong ballet technique will progress more rapidly in other dance forms. We strongly encourage students who study jazz and tap as their major discipline to include at least one ballet class as part of their program.

Q–WHAT IS THE IMPORTANCE OF TAKING MORE THAN ONE CLASS? Students who wish to intensify their training in ballet, jazz or tap should take more than one class (where available) in their chosen style. Students taking more than one class per week, including one of each of the different dance styles, will enjoy crossover development benefits. The posture, strength and body awareness developed in ballet will enhance the development of the jazz technique. The musicality and body coordination developed in tap will reinforce the work in the jazz discipline, and the flexibility developed in jazz will assist in ballet.

Q–HOW DO I PUT MY DAUGHTER’S HAIR IN A BUN? Classical bun making workshops will be held free of charge periodically throughout the year to instruct parents and students on the proper method of styling the hair for all dance classes. Notices will be posted on our bulletin board.

Q–WHAT IS THE CECCHETTI SYLLABUS? The Cecchetti syllabus is an internationally recognized system of classical ballet training which includes graded examinations that are practiced extensively in professional training programs and recreational programs around the world. Teachers entering students into exams in the Cecchetti syllabus must have attained their Associate status with the Cecchetti Society. . Upon completion of the examination, students will receive a certificate and a detailed report outlining areas that need improvement and positive overall comments. The International Dance Academy prides itself in providing both teachers and students with outstanding training and instruction in the Cecchetti syllabus.

Q–WHAT IS THE ADAPT SYLLABUS? The ADAPT syllabus (Associated Dance Arts for Professional Teachers—Brian Foley) is the syllabus that the International Dance Academy deems the most appropriate training method for jazz and tap dancers. This system is recognized internationally. Students who are invited by their teacher to participate in the examination process will receive a certificate upon successful completion. This syllabus will allow International Dance Academy to maintain its high standard of dance education in the field of jazz and tap.

Q–CAN PARENTS OBSERVE CLASSES? Twice a year we have performances where you and family and friends can come out to observe the progress.  We also have a one way viewing window from our waiting room to our kinder dance/primary dance studio, as well as windows to the doors of our other studios.


PERFECT ATTENDANCE AWARDS All students who complete the International Dance Academy School year having perfect attendance in any one of their classes will receive a perfect attendance award.

ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS Every year, students are chosen by the teaching staff to receive International Dance Academy’s Most Improved, Outstanding Achievement in various disciplines of dance and Over-all Outstanding Achievement. These awards are presented to students who have shown school spirit, a positive attitude in class, commitment and excellent achievement in all areas of dance. Students from the Primary Level up to Advanced in any discipline are chosen for these awards and scholarships.  Our annual Awards and Wind-up Dinner & Banquet is held annually in early June.  All in attendance win awards.

DANCE TIME AWARD Dance Time Plate is awarded to all graduating high school students of International Dance Academy who has been enrolled in our school for five (5) or more years, have demonstrated a positive school spirit, a positive attitude in class towards self and others, and for over-all commitment and excellent achievement in all areas of dance.

Q–WHAT IS THE TEACHING ASSISTANT PROGRAM? Students 12 years and older are invited to participate in the Teaching Assistant Program. This program gives youth the opportunity to explore teaching with one or more of our teaching staff. Teaching Assistants are eligible for the Teaching Assistant Award of Achievement. The recipient of this award is nominated by our teaching staff for their leadership skills, ability and attendance. Sign up at registration for the Teaching Assistant Program. (Only a limited number are accepted).

Q–WHAT COMPETITIONS & CONVENTIONS ARE AVAILABLE? There are many conventions and competitions for dance that are offered across Canada & the United States. We strive to select competitions and conventions that will be the most beneficial to our students. As these events can be quite costly we do not participate in every event within our area; however, International Dance Academy students are encouraged to attend these events independently.

Q–HOW CAN I BECOME INVOLVED AS A PARENT? The International Dance Academy values the support, energy and involvement of the IDA families. Parents are invited to volunteer their talents and time at various IDA school performances throughout the year and provide support at dance related events. The International Dance Academy is always open to new ideas from its parent body and welcomes ideas and involvement from new parents at any time during the year. If you are interested in becoming an IDA Volunteer, and assisting with our umbrella parent’s association (International Academy Performing Arts Association), please feel free to contact the School Office at 622-7333 for further information.