I do not try to dance better than anyone else. I only try to dance better than myself. – Mikhail Baryshnikov

Interested students are prepared for Tap & Jazz exams with the ADAPT sylibus (Brian Foley.)

Interested students are prepared for and Ballet exams with the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (The Cecchetti Society of Canada.)

All examinations are taken at the discretion of the Artistic Director.

Cecchetti Ballet exams are typically held during the month of May or June.

Tap and Jazz exams are held during late October or early November. Some exceptions may occur.

Notices and/or emails are sent home with applicable students when these classes are being established.

Once students of obtained their Intermediate and Advanced 1 Cecchetti Ballet and their Intermediate ADAPT Jazz and Tap exams, they can make a special application to their principal to receive Gr 10 and 11 Arts credits.

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The Cecchetti Society of Canada is a student-focused, national organization dedicated to the preservation and promotion of the Cecchetti Method of classical ballet and committed to the highest standards of training for dancers and teachers.
The Canadian Branch of the Cecchetti Faculty of the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing was founded in 1949 by Betty Oliphant, first ballet mistress of the National Ballet of Canada and co-founder with Celia Franca, of Canada’s National Ballet School. 
The Society is federally incorporated as the Cecchetti Society of Canada and is a founding member of Cecchetti International Classical Ballet (CICB). In January 2011, the Cecchetti Society became independent from the ISTD.The Cecchetti Method of ballet is a style of classical, theatrical dance based on the teachings of the great Italian ballet master Enrico Cecchetti (1850-1928). Born into a family of professional dancers, Maestro Cecchetti had a distinguished career as a principal dancer on the international scene before becoming a teacher of renown. He taught in Russia, Poland, Italy and England and became the private instructor of Anna Pavlova and many other celebrated dancers.”