We are so happy to have you as a part of the 2017 Snowflake Frolic at International Dance Academy! This is an exciting time for our kinderdance, primary and junior recreational dancers, as for some, it will be their first time on stage!!!

The Snowflake Frolic is an annual event, not only to showcase the talent of our recreational dancers, but also as a fundraiser for our Troupe.

The Frolic starts at 1:30 on November 26th, so please have your dancer at St. Martin school by 1pm sharp. A teaching assistant will be available to escort your child backstage to get ready. No parents will be allowed in the backstage area. Your child will be brought out to the gym at the end of the performances by an assistant.

This year’s event will be a silver collection at the door. No tickets will be sold. While the venue is large, please encourage family and friends to arrive on time to ensure best seating.

We will also be collecting canned goods as donations to Christmas Cheer. We will have a box available at the door for everyone to donate items – let’s show Thunder Bay our IDA giving spirit!

We will have raffle baskets tickets and 50/50 draw tickets for sale – this is a popular part of the day and there is something for everyone in these very special prizes!

We will have a bake table of items for sale as well as beverages available at a very reasonable cost.

Finally, at the end of the event we always have some very special guests, including Santa Claus, Rudolph, Elves, the Sugar Plum Fairy, and the Snow Queen who will be available for meeting your dancers, family, and friends. We have secured a local photographer to take pictures with our special guests and they will be for sale, again, at a very reasonable cost.

We are looking forward to spending the afternoon with you at the Snowflake Frolic!
Should you have any questions about the day, please don’t hesitate to contact Katie Kuoppa-Aho, at

Please remember to check our website, under the tab Calendar for information on all of IDA’s events and/or holidays and make-up classes. All fundraisers are also listed on our website under News. Make sure to join our Facebook group IDA & IAPAA for all announcements.

Katie Kuoppa-Aho, Dawnette Hoard
Snowflake Frolic Coordinators 2017

Mom Pantry Fundraiser

Competitive, Events

Once again this year we have chosen Mom’s Pantry as an IDA individual fundraiser. Funds can be used to help offset the cost of your dancers classes, costumes etc.

Orders may be placed online or with the order form available at the studio.

Online orders are quick and easy. Simply go to Place items in your cart and use the order number and group passcode at checkout.



If using order forms, please ensure that the seller and customer names are clearly printed on the form. Every customer that places an order should fill out their own individual order form. Extra order forms are available at the studio.

Individuals may pay you directly by cash or cheque but please submit only one cheque for the total of all of your orders payable to: I.A.P.A .A . Please deposit all order forms with payment in wooden parent association box.


If you have questions, please contact Colleen Matteau at 627-1075 or

Chocolate Fundraiser


Chocolates are coming! Chocolates are coming!

Yes, it’s that time of year—classes are starting and with that, our fundraising frenzy begins.

But what a delicious way to start!

Chocolate will be available for sale beginning: Wednesday, September 27, 2017.

Available for sale:
Chocolate covered almonds $2/bar; $60/case
Chocolate whirls $2/bar; $60/case (limited supply)
Nut-Free Chocolates $2/bar; $60/case (limited supply)

Please email to advise how many cases you would like.

Please be advised of the following:

Pick ups will be arrange via email and can be retrieved at the studio from

Jen Sinclair once date and time are confirmed

Chocolates must be paid for at time of pick up
No post dated cheques will be accepted
Please provide 1 cheque or 1 cash amount for your entire order
Cheques are to be made payable to I.A.P.A.A.
This is an individual fundraiser
80% of the net profit will be deposited into the student’s fundraising account

So get your orders in quickly and let’s get selling!

Lipsense Fundraiser

Competitive, Events

Come TRY the HOTTEST Lipstick on the Market, and find our what the fuss is all about?

Come by and TRY:

All Lipsense Colours,

All Eyeshadow Colours,

All BlushSense Colours,

All Foundation Samples,

Tinted Moisturizer Samples,

Powder Brushes in Bronze, Natural & Silver Rose

A Portion of ALL Profits go to IAPAA.  This is an individual fundraiser.


35th Anniversary keepsakes


It was a perfect sunny day, and the absolute best way to kick off our 35th year.  It brings all of us at IDA so much joy to see so many smiling faces, having fun and bonding.  Cheers to my IDA family.  You keep me young!