Mom Pantry Fundraiser

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Once again this year we have chosen Mom’s Pantry as an IDA individual fundraiser. Funds can be used to help offset the cost of your dancers classes, costumes etc.

Orders may be placed online or with the order form available at the studio.

Online orders are quick and easy. Simply go to Place items in your cart and use the order number and group passcode at checkout.



If using order forms, please ensure that the seller and customer names are clearly printed on the form. Every customer that places an order should fill out their own individual order form. Extra order forms are available at the studio.

Individuals may pay you directly by cash or cheque but please submit only one cheque for the total of all of your orders payable to: I.A.P.A .A . Please deposit all order forms with payment in wooden parent association box.


If you have questions, please contact Colleen Matteau at 627-1075 or

Chocolate Fundraiser


Chocolates are coming! Chocolates are coming!

Yes, it’s that time of year—classes are starting and with that, our fundraising frenzy begins.

But what a delicious way to start!

Chocolate will be available for sale beginning: Wednesday, September 27, 2017.

Available for sale:
Chocolate covered almonds $2/bar; $60/case
Chocolate whirls $2/bar; $60/case (limited supply)
Nut-Free Chocolates $2/bar; $60/case (limited supply)

Please email to advise how many cases you would like.

Please be advised of the following:

Pick ups will be arrange via email and can be retrieved at the studio from

Jen Sinclair once date and time are confirmed

Chocolates must be paid for at time of pick up
No post dated cheques will be accepted
Please provide 1 cheque or 1 cash amount for your entire order
Cheques are to be made payable to I.A.P.A.A.
This is an individual fundraiser
80% of the net profit will be deposited into the student’s fundraising account

So get your orders in quickly and let’s get selling!

Lipsense Fundraiser

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Come TRY the HOTTEST Lipstick on the Market, and find our what the fuss is all about?

Come by and TRY:

All Lipsense Colours,

All Eyeshadow Colours,

All BlushSense Colours,

All Foundation Samples,

Tinted Moisturizer Samples,

Powder Brushes in Bronze, Natural & Silver Rose

A Portion of ALL Profits go to IAPAA.  This is an individual fundraiser.


35th Anniversary keepsakes


It was a perfect sunny day, and the absolute best way to kick off our 35th year.  It brings all of us at IDA so much joy to see so many smiling faces, having fun and bonding.  Cheers to my IDA family.  You keep me young!

French Kinderdance



J’ai le plaisir de vous annoncer que j’enseignerais un cours de “Kinderdance” cette année à International Dance Academy. Ce cours est pour les enfants de l’âge 3 à 5 ans. Le tout se déroulera en FRANÇAIS!!! C’est une première pour Thunder Bay. Alors, si vous avez un petit ou une petite qui aimerait danser, venez à notre session d’inscription ce samedi! (voir les infos ci-bas). Il y aura pleins d’activités pour les enfants à la session d’inscription. Les cours seront les samedis matins de 9h45 à 10h30. J’ai tellement hâte!!! En espérant de partager mon amour pour la danse avec votre enfant!
I am pleased to announce that I will be teaching a “kinderdance” class this year at International Dance Academy. This course is for children aged 3 TO 5. The whole class will be in French!!! It’s a First for thunder bay. So if you have a little boy or a little girl who would like to dance, come to our registration session this Saturday! (see information below). There will be a lot of activities for children at the registration session. Classes will be Saturday mornings from 9:45 am to 10:30 am. I’m so excited!!! Hoping to share my love for dancing with your child!